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I have seen a number of posts around that purport to show how to open a document library with Explorer from a link (Numerous clients find that the "hidden" ribbon button to be too hard to find, and almost always request a link to the left).
Whilst most of them are correct, they do not go far enough, in that they only open tot he root folder of the document library, and not to the current folder the user is located in.

Well, I have an addition that will make this possible in most situations. NOTE: This only works for On Premises and does not work for Office 365, so may be of limited use.

CoreInvoke('NavigateHttpFolder', '[URL Of the Web Application with no trailing /]" + decodeURIComponent(ctx.rootFolder) + "', '_blank');

CoreInvoke('NavigateHttpFolder', '" + decodeURIComponent(ctx.rootFolder) + "', '_blank');

There are other ways to get the Web Application URL, however, this is merely an example to help those who struggle to find a way to open to a folder.

My clients are now very happy that they have a much easier way to open their document libraries with explorer.


Richard is a Director and the principal Consultant at Dev iQ Pty Ltd. He specialises in SharePoint, Team Foundation Server/Visual Studio and .NET Development.

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