Some days you have to wonder whether the SharePoint team actually test anything before release


So todays tale of mediocrity comes from the SharePoint team with SkyDrive Pro.

Picture this. You have an Enterprise Office 365 subscription, with a ton (1.5 GB) of documents uploaded to a SharePoint library. This is very important: SharePoint has let you upload a bunch of documents.

Attempt to sync with SkyDrive Pro and you get an error saying that a filename is too long.

Sorry? You let me upload it in the first place, and now you are saying that you will not sync it?

*deep breath*

Ok. I can live with that. Please continue SkyDrive.

But no. It stops. You *have* to fix the filename and start  ALL OVER AGAIN. And guess what: There is another filename that is too long. In fact, there are probably a large number of them. But you will have to do one of 2 things:

  • 1. Go to the SharePoint site, change the filename, try again, rinse and repeat
  • OR
  • 2. Manually go through EVERY SINGLE GODDAM FILE and check for length

Seriously Microsoft – where is the quality control here? Where is the option to at least ignore the long filenames and report on them afterwards?. Or take the Windows 8.1 approach of putting a placeholder on the local files system and then warn when opening?

Seriously. Can it be that hard or too much to ask? After all, an Office 365 Enterprise subscription is a PAID subscription.



Richard is a Director and the principal Consultant at Dev iQ Pty Ltd. He specialises in SharePoint, Team Foundation Server/Visual Studio and .NET Development.

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